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You mastered basic chess strategies, are playing with a thriving bunch of enthusiastic young people at the school and want to take your chess skills to the next level?The best way to improve in chess is to analyse your own games and learn from your mistakes. At the start of the advanced program, you’ll be taught how to record your moves. You’ll receive individualised feedback based on a game of your own. You’ll get to know your strengths and what to focus on primarily to bring your skills to the next level. You’ll learn advanced concepts categorised into tactics, strategy, opening and end games.


You know the rules and love playing games at your school chess club but haven’t figured out yet how to set up a solid chess strategy? At the start of a chess game, you’re presented with a high number of possible moves to make. You have some time to think, but at some point you have to choose, you have to make a decision. Most of those possible moves are bad moves, few of them are good moves. In these sessions, you’ll be shown several guidelines that will help you make good decisions move after move, game after game. You’ll gradually improve week after week until you finally master these basic principles. You’ll use chess board coordinates and symbols to communicate your moves in the chess language. You’ll be introduced to basic tactical concepts and endgame principles.


You’ve heard about chess but don’t really know how all the pieces move and what the rules are? This free introductory session is the best way to kick start the chess journey at your school.


Want to learn more about chess even though you’re living a bit far away?


Want to have a recurring chess appointment for your friends, family members and yourself?


Want to work on a one on one basis to improve your skills and take them to the next level?